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 Luke Scott and Jorge Posada

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Luke Scott and Jorge Posada Empty
PostSubject: Luke Scott and Jorge Posada   Luke Scott and Jorge Posada EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 4:49 am

Well, as the winter progreses and many teams are out spending money like crazy, the Rays in their usual frugal way keep finding possible gems at discount prioces. first I would like to congratulate Jorge Posada on an incredible career in NY and baseball. I am also glad we didn't take him. With the signing of Molina we just didn't need a 41 year old DH. I would prefer Johnny Damon, quick to 1st base and a threat to steal. As for Luke Scott, I am feeling another Joaqim Benoit signing here. Guy is a star waiting to happen, coming off an injury year. In the hands of Genius Joe this could be parlayed into a difference maker. I hope that offensively we will produce a better game plan this year and amp up the small ball, utilizing the speed and agressive make up off the club. Just watched an archived game from early August in which we scored runs on 2 consecutive, bunt basehits.
Desmond Jennings can outrun the ball... gonna be exciting!
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Luke Scott and Jorge Posada
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