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 Short term as in 2012

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Short term as in 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Short term as in 2012   Short term as in 2012 EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 11:20 am

I don't have a crystal ball to be able to forecast the future, as a matter of fact after 20 years of marriage, it's debatable if I have any at all. I do however have a few thoughts on what we could do to have a shot at repeating a run to the playoffs.
First we trade BJ for a competent guy to play Centerfield that has a high OBP. I can live with a few more balls dropping in the outfield not to have to suffer through the coveted CF position leading the league in strikeouts. Get a guy in their like SuperSam who hustles on every play and let our pitching staff pitch out of a few more jams.
With the money we save on BJ (I believe it is $7M) resign Casey Kotchman and let him bat behind somebody getting on base. I think that would cure his .300BA with only 48RBI's ailment.
Amazing we ended up with José Molina when Mathias was available from the Angels. Seems Genius Joe let his inside track wane there, or maybe he was too expensive. Regardless, I remember him throwing out like 4 guys against us in four straight innings one time, so if he can maintain that level and bat his .260ish, that is gonna solve some major production issues.
While we are on the subject of production, let's discuss our favorite son, Reid Brignac. The kid flashes some serious leather, is a joy to watch on defense and seems to fit so well as a Ray. But, when Brian Anderson who was a pitcher can in detail identify the problem with his swing (uppercut swings don't spend enough time in the strike zone), why in the heck hasn't our batting coach some drills to correct this. I teach little league in a country that plays handball and we get kids in all the time that can only throw side arm. We got a drill, making them throw the ball hard one foot in front of them. Problem solved! Somehow this kids muscle memory has got to be re-programmed. I think if this happens and Longo can stay healthy all year the only issue will be our DH. Resign JD and hope Ruggiano or Guyer can make the step up.
Now that I have got us back to the World Series, let time fly through the winter as we substitute live games watching MLB.TV archive games and get ready to Play Ball!
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Short term as in 2012
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