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 The Unlikely Slowly Becoming the Possible

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The Unlikely Slowly Becoming the Possible Empty
PostSubject: The Unlikely Slowly Becoming the Possible   The Unlikely Slowly Becoming the Possible EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 9:04 am

Three complete games against the monolithic Sox, giving up just 3 hits per game, then the unyielding, pressure on King Felix results in a victory with numerous heroes including a pinch hit by Super Sam. After that a crusier with plenty of offense and then... the game 3 sweep. What the heck happened? Imagine the odds you coulda got in Vegas for just about anything that happened in those games!
Tampa Bay scores 8 runs at home in 2 consectutive games 75:1
Red Sox get just 3 hits in all three games at Fenway 1000:1
Rays use the bullpen for just 1 inning in a 3 games series at Fenway 500:1
James Shields striking out 7 and giving up 7 runs 100:1
James Shields throwing a ball uncontested into centerfield 50:1
After giving up 5 runs, then holding runners at 2nd and 3rd no outs 50:1
Johnny Damon after being waved home on a grand slam returns to 2nd base Maddon takes the news calmly 100:1
Tampa Bay runs score ZERO runs on 2 wild pitches with a runner on 3rd. 500:1
Joel Peralta pitches a whole inning allowing no baserunners. 50:1
Farnsworth pitches a 1-2-3 inning 1:1
Johnny Damon produces a walk-off in the 9th 1.5:1
and that my friends is Rays Baseball!!!
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The Unlikely Slowly Becoming the Possible
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