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 Jekyll and Hyde

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PostSubject: Jekyll and Hyde   Jekyll and Hyde EmptySat Jul 02, 2011 10:15 am

The Rays continued their Jekyll and Hyde offense on Friday with a 5-3 loss to the Cardinals. That would not look nearly as close had Longoria not hit an RBI double and Joyce a two-run homer in the eighth with two outs. The Rays were shutout through 7 2/3 innings before they got their first run. What is wrong with these guys at the Trop? On the road they're an explosive offensive team that can play against anyone, but at home their offense is abysmal and they make everyone look like a Cy Young candidate. I just don't get it. I know Fuld spoke out on a few things, like how the ball doesn't roll as well in the Trop since it's artificial turf, but that's still no excuse to play so badly at home. If you can't win at home you can't make the Playoffs, and right now that's where the Rays are headed. Last year our road record was the best in the Majors, but our home record was still good, which is how we made the Playoffs. This year our home record isn't good at all, but we're still headed in the direction of having the best road record in MLB. I still think this year's offense is tons better than last year's, as last year our offense stunk everywhere, but it doesn't mean we can keep laying down the sword at home and expect to "win the division" as Maddon keeps harping on. I fully believe the Rays are a legitimate contender to win the division. They have the past two out of three years, so you can't count them out, but they must play better at home. The Red Sox and Yankees won't go away and without a decent home record you can say goodbye to this season.
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