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 6/26/11 Rays @ Astros

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6/26/11 Rays @ Astros Empty
PostSubject: 6/26/11 Rays @ Astros   6/26/11 Rays @ Astros EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 6:39 pm

Just got back from this game and whew, what a rollercoaster. Upton led off the game with a three run home run in the top of the first inning. He homered in all three games versus the Astros. The 'Stros then got a run in the bottom half, making it 3-1. The Rays did not score in the top of the second but the Astros did in the bottom half, tying the score at three. In the third the Rays regained the lead to push the score 4-3, but that was relinquished once again when the Astros scored two in the bottom half and took the lead 5-4. Then in the fourth the Rays answered quickly and tied the score at five, but in the bottom of the fourth the Astros scored twice to push the lead 7-5. It looked like the Astros were going to take it, but in the top of the sixth Longo hit a two run shot to the Crawford boxes that was at first ruled a single and a throw out at second. Upon further replay, it was ruled a home run as a fan had touched the ball which knocked it back in play. The tie wouldn't stick for long though, as the Astros would once again snag the lead in the seventh with a homer. It was an 8-7 ballgame at this point with only six outs to go for the Rays, and appeared to be over. In the eigth though, the Rays would answer. They scored four runs with two outs including a huge double by Matt Joyce that gave them the lead. After a two-run single for Kotchman the Rays had an 11-8 lead and it looked to be in the bag. Not so fast, the Astros threatened in the eighth with a two run homer. They had a man on second with no out, but later with one out Longo tagged him and threw to first on a ground ball for the inning-ending Double Play. In the ninth the Rays got some HUGE insurance runs from a 3-run Homer by Longoria, and Farnsworth would shut the door in the ninth.

Being at this game was as heart-wrenching as it was incredible. A fantastic game, and if you did not see the game I recommend buying it on iTunes when it becomes available or taping it if it comes on again later tonight. I was at all three games for this series as I currently live in Houston and I must say it was all worth it. I will post some series notes in another threat. GO RAYS!
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6/26/11 Rays @ Astros
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