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 rayschatter Rules and Policies

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PostSubject: rayschatter Rules and Policies   rayschatter Rules and Policies EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 12:29 am


-- Courtesy - The number one rule on this site is to treat everyone with respect, and the way you would like to be treated. We are a family here and no matter what team you represent, even if it isn't the Rays, and no matter what ideas you may have that may differ from others there will be zero tolerance for making fun of others. Make sure you treat everyone with common courtesy and do not say anything to hurt someone else. Remember, what you may think is not rude may be different than what someone else may think is rude. If you have to question it, don't post it.

-- Flaming - Any sort of posts that are hateful or are mean in nature will be removed immediately. There is zero tolerance on attacks based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. There will be no personal threads or harassment. This applies in all aspects of the forums including posts, signatures, avatars, and private messages.

-- Stalking - This follows along with courtesy. Anyone caught following a user on the site and responding to their posts negatively or private messaging them things that do not follow our rules will face immediate punishment up to and including permanent banning. If you don't like someone on the site ignore them, if you feel like they are bothering you contact a moderator.

-- Spam - Spam is considered anything that has no relevance to the topic at hand. Don't post in some else's thread about a particular topic talking about something completely different. The reason we have topics in categories the way we do is so that each topic has its own place and is organized. You can post anything as random as you want in the "off topic" section as long as you start your own thread and it follows the rest of the rules, makes sense, and isn't in an annoying post style.

-- Advertising - You are allowed to advertise your own site on this forums, as long as it is another forums, or your own personal page. Anyone who is advertising a product or a website that has nothing to do with this site will be banned permanently. It's fine as long as it's related to a certain topic but if there is anyone who is here only to advertise a product they will immediately be banned. Generally those are bots and not actual users but for anyone else that plans to do that make sure you don't.

-- Annoying post style - We have different types of text you can use here at the forums. There are different colors and styles and we hope to add more. However, please make sure that you do not post anything that is hard on the eyes or annoying to other users. An example is a small font or a bright yellow font that is too hard to see. Also anything such as using upper and lower cases simultaneously is also considered an annoying posting style. Anyone found using styles that are hard to read or annoying will have their responses edited to the default style. If it's hard for you to read, you know it will be hard for someone else to read so pick another font or style.

-- Links - You can post any links as long as they follow the rest of the rules and does not contain anything inappropriate or any x-rated material. Any articles or websites that are related to what you are talking about are allowed, but be aware that the moderators will be checking each site posted to make sure it follows all of our guidelines and does not contain anything that would be considered inappropriate.

-- Pictures and/or Signatures - Please make sure any pictures you post or any signatures you have do not go beyond the necessary requirements. Any pictures posted should not go beyond the page which causes users to have to scroll over or all the way down the page. This also goes with annoying post styles. Signatures should be the same way and must also meet the rest of our rules.

-- English Only - Unless otherwise stated, all posts must be in English. This is so that all of our members and moderators can comprehend what you are saying.

-- Forum Name Changes - If you decide that you don't like the name you have chosen on the Forums please PM an Administrator or Moderator and they will change the name for you. However, if it becomes too ridiculous and you continue asking for your name to be changed you will not be allowed another change.

*Remember to report any post or private message that you find insulting or inappropriate. Even if you think it MAY be insulting or inappropriate make sure that you send a message to a moderator or administrator immediately with a link or quote of the material so that it can be checked immediately. Even if it isn't innappropriate we appreciate you letting us know anyways, and unless your reports become unnecessary there will be no punishment on you for reporting a post or private message. This also goes for anything you find in someone's profile such as their signature or avatar that you find inappropriate.
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rayschatter Rules and Policies
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