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 Out of the blue!

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Out of the blue! Empty
PostSubject: Out of the blue!   Out of the blue! EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 6:00 am

We're looking at Joyce, expecting Longo and wondering about Zorilla. Runs are being scored, the defense is holding, the starters are keeping us in the game. Playing everyday instead of once a week provides baseball a unique forum for people to acquire favorites, follow streaks, and unfortunately sometimes, get fed up with certain players not living up to their hype or even pulling their own weight. We come to expect certain people to perform at certain levels and for the most part they often do. A .300 hitter is gonna hit around .300, the fabulous fielders are gonna make their web gem plays and they aces are gonna get their wins.
BUTT, then comes along a guy who has never had a shot, or a guy who we have maybe not stopped rooting for but given up on just a little bit. Suddenly out of the blue 3 hits one day a homer and game winning bunt (don't get me started on those), to add to the highlight defensive plays. He performs above or waaaaaay above expectations and we can suddenly start to love him again. Myself I never stopped loving Reid, but I had let that small sliver of doubt creep in, starting to put him in the category with BJ, that, isn't this guy ever gonna learn category. Now I don't know if this is a harbinger of things to come, but if it is and he turns this season around, starts to produce, suddenly the Rays have gone from a bottom of the order dweller to a 2nd lead-off man ala Jason Bartlett. If that happens and all of us out here in Rays country must be hoping it will, this will radically change the make-up of the AL East. We would have run scoring potential to combine with our starting pitching, youth and stunning defense.
Almost seems unfair doesn't it? BUTT those of us that have passed our 12th birthday have already learned that lesson. Said it before and I'll say it again, I imagine the overpaid primadonnas up in the north are watchin the scoreboards and sweating. Let's keep lighting em up and enjoy this summer.
Thanks Reid!!!
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Out of the blue!
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