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 Whew, how about that!

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Whew, how about that! Empty
PostSubject: Whew, how about that!   Whew, how about that! EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 2:38 pm

Come away from the lowly Mariners, bruised, battered and beaten, then take on a Great pitcher in a town not known for Ray friendly results and WHAM, we put together a gem of a performance. Now I don't know if anybody in the decision making process has time to read our serious analysis (a.k.a. ranting and raving) of our teams performance, but did I see somebody actually bunt a baseball? Did the runner that was on first advance? Did he score? I'm tellin ya, I reached for the tissue box on that one.
BUT, my big question, is why aren't we performing like that on a day in, day out basis? I mean OK maybe we can't expect Ruggiano to hit a two run shot daily, but by golly, now we have seen the light. Runners on 1st, and heaven forbid 1st and 2nd ARE NOT ROOTED to the spot. They ran to get to the base, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that all of them are perfectly willing to run to the next one! I thought the mantra get em on, get em over, get em in was genius and was perfectly willing to watch a season of small ball, base stealing, 1st to thirds and so forth and so on. Then we went on a rampage with the best record, blah, blah, blah and suddenly we were in the playoffs. Now reality has set in and Sam Fuld is maybe not gonna hit .400 (still love him though), BJ maybe didn't actually learn to swing at pitches he can hit, and the return of JP Howell wasn't... well anyway you get my point. BUT I still believe every night when my head hits the pillow that our next starter is gonna keep us in the game, and our boys are gonna produce the magic that we know they are not only capable of, but have spoiled us with so often. And that my friends is Rays Baseball!!!
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Whew, how about that!
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