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 Moderator and Analyst Needed!

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Moderator and Analyst Needed! Empty
PostSubject: Moderator and Analyst Needed!   Moderator and Analyst Needed! EmptyMon May 23, 2011 1:25 am

Hi all.

Due to the my job and the crazy hours I have I am not able to post every single game and give an analysis of it. Therefore, I have decided that I would like to hire (volunteer) a member on the forums to post each and every single gRays game after it has been played. It does require some time and effort. If you are chosen you will be responsible for posting the outcome of each Rays game in our "Recent Games" section. All that will need to be included in the post will be who we are playing, the outcome, and any additional information you would like to add about the game. I will brief you more when I have chosen the person I want. Also, you will be a moderator of the entire forum and will be responsible for making sure that all members are following our rules and guidelines posted.

Those who would like to apply can send their applications here through a PM directly to me or my personal email account at All that you need to include in your application is a little about yourself, any prior moderating experience if you have any, your availability to be on the forums, and your reason for wanting to sign up. You are expected to be minimally computer savvy and to be able to write professionally with proper grammar.

No prior experience is required, you will be given all of the information and tools that you will need to succeed.

If you should have any questions you can ask them here before applying. Once I get all of the applications I will then decide from there when I will announce the winner and will then post who that person is. This is only the first of many jobs I will need to be filled, so if you aren't picked this time don't fret over it.

Thanks for the support!

Forgot to add: If you would like to add an example of how you would do an article you can include it in your application.
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Moderator and Analyst Needed!
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