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 Can this be true?

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Can this be true? Empty
PostSubject: Can this be true?   Can this be true? EmptySun May 08, 2011 3:26 am

Tampa Bay has the best record in baseball since the first 8 games, our bullpen is holding and saving, and the bats are ALIVE! To top this all off we get back Longoria who procedes to spray the ball all over the field.
Then I am watching a 1-0 game, two runners on and they elect to pitch to Longo... Why you ask, oh yeah; we got Matt Joyce on deck, I gotta tell ya, I'm LMAO!!! If we can keep a hot bat behind Longo this year he can produce some disgusting numbers. I have always felt that Pena behind Longoria was hurting him. Don't get me wrong I loved Carlos (loved his game tying homer last night in the bottom of the 9th), and when he was in a groove alot of balls became souvenirs, but when he was cold and a guy batting under .200 has long stretches of cold, throw around Longoria to get to him. With Zobrist and Joyce and maybe soon Rodriquez to back him up the Rays may even make a run for first place in the AL East... Wait what's that honey? You mean we are already in first place, well it just goes to show those non-believers and suddenly absent posters from the "other teams", that yes This is True!
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Can this be true?
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