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 Possibly moving

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PostSubject: Possibly moving   Possibly moving EmptyMon May 02, 2011 11:09 pm

We may be moving this site to a VB server soon. This should allow us to attract more members with all of the extra tools that will be at our disposal. Plus, hopefully we can put our site high on some boards such as google so that when people search for "Rays" or anything related to them they will be able to find this site. I feel like we can grow but to do so we may need to put the money out now to be able to attract more members. My original plan was to start out without paying and once we grew start paying for all the extra goodies, but since we seem to be lacking in activity I think it will be better to start this way now. If we do move our site will be down for about two weeks, and after that period whenever you log on here you will be redirected to the new forums.

Also, the new forums will not just be for the Rays but will also be for all other major sporting teams in Tampa, such as the Lightning and Bucaneers.

Continue to let everyone know about the site so that we can grow until we get moved. If it does happen it should be sometime at the end of this month or beginning of June.

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Possibly moving
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