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 Relax and Enjoy!

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Relax and Enjoy! Empty
PostSubject: Relax and Enjoy!   Relax and Enjoy! EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 12:17 am

Coming Soon - the WBF!!!

And here I was all these years thinking that baseball was so pure, simple and untainted. Oh sure, you get your little scandals with girls, drugs, steroids, and whatnot, but it is Americas National Past Time for cryin out loud. And then when Pierre drops that ball in the top of the ninth AFTER the easy botch by Ramirez and it suddenly came to me. Bam! Hit me like a Hulk Hogan closeline! Its outdoor wrestling! The outcome is carefully planned long before the first pitch, and these wonderful actors are playing out their parts. Some of you out there may be sceptical, so lets compare. In the old days of purest BB, guys had nicknames like the Babe, Fuzzy, Dizzy you know cute, wholesome. Now we're getting the subtle change torwards our first smackdown, with names like The Freak, King Felix etc. There are other small signs, managers making snide comments about another managers snide comments, heck all other sports have a coach, BB used to have a skipper, but now we got THE manager. Used to make a roadtrip, now we got "The Man in Black Tour". Am I getting through? The World Baseball Federation said OK 0-6 is enough, coupla quick text messages and amazingly New York hands Boston a 5 run inning and Ther Rays equal their years total in the ninth. I think my 11 year old would've caught that ball 99 of 100 times and he´s making 8 bucks a week!!!
I used to worry about ERA, RBI's the Homerun per AB stats and all the rest, but now just gonna sit back and see if Coco Crisp or Johhny Gomes is gonna be first to charge the mound with a folding chair!!!
Could our new "Sport Facility" be called The Cage by the Bay?... to be continued
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Relax and Enjoy!
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