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 Playing with a purpose in late September

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PostSubject: Playing with a purpose in late September   Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:52 pm

Who woulda thought that we would be playing this late in September with a chance to see action in the post season? Well, my mom maybe, God love never gives up hope, but just between you and me after watching goodness only knows how many bases left loaded with no outs and 0 for's with RISP, I personally didn't think I would be watching games with a meaning this late.
Then Desmond Jennings comes up and lights a fire under our guys. Evan Longoria quietly goes about knocking in a whole season worth of RBI's in 3 months and even BJ Upton has produced at an advanced level(wouldn't have bet much money on that).
Our starters are pitching their hearts out, and some of the ole 2008 magic has come back. Not just late come from behind wins, but walk off homers have been a treat we have been offered as of late. Beating up John Lester to sweep the Sox made my week.
Nobody knows how its gonna end up, but I for one thank the boys for making this season exciting to the very end!
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with a purpose in late September   Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:46 pm

djhmmoh, I agree with you on every point. So many things have come together to turn this into the "race to watch" and I couldn't be happier What a Face . I'm especially impressed, but not really surprised, with the consistency of Zobrist and Kotchman(Gotta re-sign him!) both in the field and at the plate, and like the way Shoppach seems to have improved his skills behind the plate. We also found what I think is our first successful "paid DH/clubhouse leader" in Damon. But I believe the biggest surprise has been the "built from scratch" bullpen. They've surpassed everyone's expectations.
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Playing with a purpose in late September
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