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 The straw that broke the camels postseason

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PostSubject: The straw that broke the camels postseason   Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:05 am

Well if giving one away to Brad Penny wasn't enough, last night the anemic bats dashed any hopes I personally had for making a run at it. My hopes were stashed on the return of Longo to form and the others continuing to produce. Last night NOBDY produced and nobody was in form. I am starting to feel sorry for our starting pitchers coming out and throwing quality start after quality start, only to be outdueled by somebody else's hitherto bottom feeding 5th starter. When the the end of the season is at hand and your team in in the race, that is when the quality has to shine through (see Boston vs. Texas). Our offensive (pardon the pun) attack is so lacking in direction that I really wonder what is going on in the minds of the coaching staff. I have to date defended them figuring that they must know more than we, being as they are pros, veterans, on hand daily with behind the scene information that we just don't get. But watching 9 innings of us just slapping the ball diectly to their players makes me wonder. I have noticed on the Rays official site that even the normally nice and sweet Raysgirl2 is calling for the head of our batting coach, and she is not alone. Can it be that superior athletes, that smoke AAA baseball just cannot perform at the top level. Is it possible that Matt Joyce a top prospect that we traded away a 14 game no hitter pitcher for, cannot make an adjustment to the pitchers? Is his BA destined to drop below the Mendoza line to RIP with our backstops, shortstops and our starting CF? Will Desmond Jennings succomb to the doldrums of life under Shelton?
I'm not asking for Ny Yankees 3 grand slam 22 run games here, but 7 runs in a 4 game series, is just not acceptable. I would like to see the cards put on the table. I spend money on my team and so do many of the other people that post, so how about a little transparency, give us the straight scoop. Get em on, get em over, get em in disappeared with the final cut at spring training, so what is the plan?
Did the front office of the Rays draft, trade for, bring up through their farms system 25 guys that can't hit the ball?
Give us some hope and get Kelley Shoppach, Casey Kotchmans eye doctor!
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PostSubject: Re: The straw that broke the camels postseason   Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:39 am

The key is a good coach. We really need a good hitting coach, someone fresh NOT someone already in the organization. Some people say "well they just don't have the talent" but that is a false statement. IF we don't have any talent then why do we see these stretches of 8+ run ball games? On our winning streak recently we were scoring like crazy. Yet now we're in this rut. Won three out of four from Toronto (who we struggle against) then lose two out of three to Texas (who we also struggle against) but against Texas we couldn't score. Granted, C.J. Wilson is a good pitcher, but Niemann has had promising signs this season. I really think that we will be in the Playoffs next year, with the great possibility of expanded playoffs and if we get a new hitting coach. If we keep Shelton we're destined to fail. When a team continues to struggle in one area, the finger should be pointed at the coach. And also at our 29th ranking in team payroll... I have given up on this season as well, though.
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The straw that broke the camels postseason
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