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 Finally Some Magic!

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PostSubject: Finally Some Magic!   Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:25 am

The moments have been fewer and farther between this year for the faithful. Even down by two or three late in the game we're expecting that comeback. We know the next big inning is coming soon, Longo is due, Zo is hot, Joyce is due, BJ gonna git 'er done! We have been left holding our empty beer can with that how could it be feeling more often then we are accustomed to and it hurts. The post game posters are blaming the hitting coach (Shelton), Maddon is tipping his hat to the next Cy Young who was previously a losing pitcher, and the website shows a highlight of a run scoring double in the 2nd inning. But, not last night. What started out with a potential meltdown of our starter turned into a stellar outing and a walk off home run by our new power hitter, hometown boy Casey Kotchman.
They say that good hitting is contagious, and if it true I think everybody should start drinking out of Casey's water bottle.
Last game against the A's when Longo tied it with the tater, I knew we were gonna win. But 6 straight fastballs to a homerun hitter and our rookie gets the loss. These are the things that happen to a sub-par team, not us. But not last night. No, last night the bottom of the ninth lasted just one pitch and the reliever who gave it up was supposed to be celebrating his birthday- Sorry! Unfortunately there were only 10K fans there to witness the moment, but it was magic none the less. We have had a couple of good runs this year including the best record in the MLB after our rough start, and if we are going to have chance for the post season, we gonna need to have another. Maybe last night was a harbinger of things to come. Nobody knows, but that's what makes this game so great. The excrutiating pain everyday waitting for the next game, and three hours (more or less) of tension before we start all over again.
So thanks Casey for the magic, who is it gonna be tonight?
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PostSubject: Re: Finally Some Magic!   Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:50 am

This is late but I know how you feel... Lately it's been more holding our empty beer can thinking "how can it be?" What astonishes me is these spurts.. One moment they're getting back in the race the next they're falling off the map. All I am asking for is some consistency. But even consistency isn't enough, because we're too far behind the Yanks and Bo Sox and they're just too good... I just hope that next season will be better.. How about some Football? GO BUCS!
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Finally Some Magic!
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