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 A Giant sigh of relief!

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PostSubject: A Giant sigh of relief!   Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:05 am

Whew, is about all you can say about last nights game. six consecutive 1 out hits in the bottom of the first, and 1 hit by us going into the sixth inning, off a pitcher with a 4.1 ERA. the thing we gotta love about our Rays is they don't give up. eight games out of the Wild card with only 60 left means that we will have to play some unreal baseball and the Yankees will have to melt down and play .500. but stranger things ahve happened and we do have all of our players on the team. while the Red Sox and Yankees have men on the DL, the young and athletic Rays just need to start firing on all cylinders for a chance at the post season. Maybe the addition of Desmond Jennings will spark the team into action. Hitting is contagious. Let's get back to some hitting, stealing, squeezing and pressuring the defense and we can enjoy the rest of this season.
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A Giant sigh of relief!
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