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 Rough start

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PostSubject: Rough start   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:00 am

But it's still early in the season. May take time to get everything to "click". Pitching overall has been pretty good, except we seem to give up the one big inning. Pitching analysis is my weakest point, so won't comment further. Hitting has not been so good, but the opposing pitchers seemed to have brought their "A" games early. I thought early in ST that the O's would be a team to watch. Hope Upton gets his timing down on the bases soon. Fielding is probably right where is should be this early. The O's seemed to be able to hit the holes. Tough to lose Longo so early, but feel that Srod will do a good job until he comes back. Zobrist is playing a fine 2nd base. Like I said, it's early. Just trying to get a discussion going on the discussion board. Laughing

My background: I've been a lifelong baseball fan. It's really the only sport I follow, but do enjoy a hockey game occasionally. I'm up here in Twins territory, but the NFL and NASCAR are more popular. The only baseball talk is "Did the Twins win?" Very frustrating! scratch The one bright spot is that my 91 yo Mom-in-law listens to the Twins games when they are on TV (her sight is not so good) and we talk about the games. She's such a dear, that often she'll ask my how the Rays are doing because she knows how much I like them. Cool. OK, starting to ramble.

TBraysfanforever: Really appreciate you getting this forum up and running. KUDOS! Have you looked into having the Rays help promote the forum in some way? Maybe a blurb on the big screen or a mention in the programs? Or maybe a mention on the Radio/TV broadcasts? Just something I thought about. Cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: Rough start   Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:11 pm

Yes, it has certainly be a rough start. Now Manny has retired, so we're without him. I felt like once he got going he'd be a big power threat, but considering we were 0-6 with him and 1-0 with him, maybe we're better off. Finally got our first win today! What a comeback, too. Hopefully we will get on a little streak and this 0-6 start won't matter. The Red Sox also started out 0-6 and got their first win today against the Yankees.

I would like to have the team promote us some how, but I think we'd need more members first. I plan to have the URL changed so that it won't be anymore and will be just a .com but it will cost some money. I am willing to put that money out on this but would like to feel confident that we have a good amount of members first. So make sure to invite all your friends and family over! If anyone does want to help and try to get us promoted somehow you can PM me directly or email me at and I will be happy to have a discussion with you.

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Rough start
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